With the Original project “Preziosi di natura” (Nature’s precious) we wanted to break up the concept of bezel, that in goldsmithing is often related to a precious stone. In this case the value of the inserted material is not economical but rather symbolic.

The collection is made of 12 handmade rings, and it wants to provocate and spark a reaction in the observer. Water, Air, Earth, Fire, are represented by natural resin, glass, seeds, feathers, coal and volcanic rocks, that are now part of the jewel, actually becoming the core of the piece. What we get is almost a mini sculture, natural and primordial, all sharing the same base, but all different.

With our intervention we forge the metallic part, made to accomodate the element.
Another particular feature of this project is the change the jewel is eventually going to have, being an organic material, depending on user’s usage, atmosferic changes and time. We like to think that since these pieces are going to change in time, they will be truly unique.


The collection is entirely handmade using Sterling Silver 925, Bronze and natural elements.
Photo credit: Chiara Zoppei


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